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    using limitToList and reRender attributes

    Joe Greene Novice

      Hello -
      Here's a basic question about ajax4jsf. In reading the documentation about using the "limitToList" and "reRender" attributes, I can't quite figure out why both of these would be needed. If you use the <a4j:support> tag, and only want 1, 2, or a few of the form items to rerender, aren't you just supposed to include the ids of these components in the rerender list for it to work the way you want? It seems like using the limitToList="true" is redundant. If you wanted everything to be updated (rerendered), couldn't you just leave out the reRender attribute? And wouldn't that be the same as limitToList="false"?

      Now I realize this is a newbie question, so there's probably a very good explanation. Thanks ahead of time for any feedback.

      - Joe