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    Apache 2 + Jboss/Tomcat + mod_jk2

    rfn Newbie

      I got it to work fine, except Apache 2 won't server files greater than 254/255 bytes!!!! Is this a bug in apache 2???

      So I go and try Apache 1.3 and now I can't get mod_jk2 to work with it. Arg...help!!!

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          Andrew Oliver Master

          Perhaps it would be more efficient if you posted your changed configuration files and related logs here.

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            Munzoor Shaikh Newbie

            I'm trying to get the following config working with no luck so far. Somehow, apache does not seem to go to jboss server, it simply looks in its htdocs directory, obviously not finding anything and reporting "File does not exist" error.

            Thanks for your help.

            Munzoor Shaikh

            JBoss (Tomcat) 3.2.3
            Apache 1.3.29
            Windows XP

            here are my config lines:


            Include conf.d/*.conf


            LoadModule jk_module modules/mod_jk.dll (renamed the dll file)

            JKWorkerFile "C:\apache-1.3.29\apache\conf.d\workers.properties
            JkMount /jetspeed mylb
            JkMount /jetspeed/* mylb


            worker.mylb.port=7009 (Yeah, I know, I changed the ajp port which works fine)

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              Andrew Oliver Master

              does this line:
              JKWorkerFile "C:\apache-1.3.29\apache\conf.d\workers.properties

              look funny to you? (hint: the quote)