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    Help with pre-compilied JSPs clashing names

    Luiz-Otavio Zorzella Newbie

      To my great delight, I've managed to setup Tomcat to make use of the pre-compiled JSPs I generate with ant. What I've done is to add this to the global web.xml


      It works like a charm for a single deployment, but since it ignores the servlet context path, two JSPs in two different applications end up overwriting each other. E.g., deploying a.ear and b.ear, both these pages get compiled into ../server/default/jsps/jsp/index_jsp.[java/class]:


      Is there any way to prevent this? Ideas: is there any way to configure scratchdir to heed the context path (e.g. though the use of the "classpath")? Is there a way to at least configure this parameter in the deployed application's web.xml -- rather than the global web.xml?

      Any other ideas are welcomed.