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    Where to store JSP generated by a servlet ?

    Kris Moens Newbie


      We're trying to port a hughe webapplication from WAS to JBoss-3.2.3.
      In this webapp there sits a servlet that generates a JSP page.
      (Webapp is not related yet to j2ee, just simple jsp/servlet)

      With WAS or Tomcat, we have a specific directory for each webapp, so we know where to store that JSP, so the client is able to reach it afterwards.
      However with Jboss, you deploy a WAR and no further specific directory (besides the temp Jboss creates) is reachable.

      Has anybody an idea how we can manage to do this ?

      Thanx for any advice


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          Frode Halvorsen Newbie

          If you deploy a packed war, You have to put the JSP in the temp-directory that the WAR is unpacked in.

          I deploy my apps fully exploded (both ear's and wars and jars for ejb's) and can put a new JSP directly into the .war-directory and call it later. If I had a servlet that generated a new JSP, I would also just put in my war-directory and it would be reachable.

          I also preserves the genereated servlet-code (for the JSP) ans saves the compiled servlet, so I don't have to recompile, but this would probably not be an issue if the servlet generates a new JSP. This would always be newer than the previous copy anyway.