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    Jboss-Tomcat hangs.

    tsagovic Newbie

      Hello folks,
      I have a problem with Jboss-Tomcat bundle (latest stable 3.2.3).
      When I invoke a servlet which does connect to a CORBA server via a simple API it works the first time, but then hangs whenever I try to lunch it again. When I then try any other application it works fine.
      Go back to my servlet and see something like servlet removed and the following line in the llog file localhost_acceess:

      "GET /MyDir/MyServlet HTTP/1.1" 404 704

      Nothing strange is in the server log file (apart from the Unable to invoke setDelegate on class loader:org...at startup which is to be ignored according to some posts in this forum).

      Are there any problems with accessing CORBA from a servlet? I am using an API (don't have code), and it hides all the CORBA details.
      Why do you think a Servlet might work once (or twice, which makes it even hard to understand) and then stops working? (while others work fine on the same Jboss instance)

      Any clue??
      Thanks in advance!