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    Urgent help with Transations

    gustad20 Newbie

      I am using JBoss server. And Sybase 12.5 Database.
      Here is my scenario :
      Say i have three entities : City , Inhabitant and Addresses

      If i delete a City , i have to delete all its Inhabitant and the Inhabitant's Addresses. (One Inhabitant can have multiple Addresses).
      Its also possible to delete just the Inhabitant and hence we have to delete his Addresses.....also we can just delete just the Address.

      Now of all these Entities , Addresses is not dependent on any other Entitiy....so it wouldnt start its own transaction. But City and Inhabitant both would need to start a new UserTransaction. But the problem is.....how do i know from within Inhabitant, if i am being called from City's UserTransaction or i have to start my own UserTransaction.

      Hope i made it clear.....if you have ant better suggestions on how to implement this...do let me know .