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    problem with unicode database application

    saisuresh Newbie

      hi all

      I'm trying to have a unicode enabled database for the web site I'm developing. The current installation is jdk1.4, postgres 7.3.2, jboss 3.2.3 on redhat linux9.0. The unicode seems to work well with normal jsp files with resource bundles. But when I try to input unicode characters into the database, the unicode data is not stored the way I expect. instead all unicode input is sored as a weird character resembling 'a'.
      few of my concerns include
      I input the unicode characters into form fields using my own javascript keypad(displays unicode characters when keys are pressed). So, if I understand clearly, its ok only for the browser frontend. So, immediately if I access the same unicode input from my servlet program and output the same in a console, its displaying junk. is it that my linux machine has some part to play in handling unicode?

      I set the database encoding to unicode while creating the database. I'm also not sure whether the database is working the way I intended because, each unicode character is stored as a 3 character length weird data resembling an 'a' which supposedly be 1 character length.

      my point is, even though there is problem inbetween while storing and retrieving the data from a database, it shouldn't matter because the brower is the one which takes the unicode input and it is the one which should display the retrieved data( which is not understood by my machine). I doubt, the unicode data is garbled when my machine handles the unicode data it gets from the browser.

      did i miss anything? any suggestions or comments??