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    mediaOutput questions

    henrik lindberg Apprentice

      Here are some questions regarding mediaOutput that I hope someone can answer...

      I want to be able to hand out a "permanent" URL to a dynamically generated image and let others use this URL on their sites (to pull the image from my site).

      My idea is to use a URL rewriter (I have one of those) so I can redirect something like http://mysite.com/genimage123456789.jpg to the URI that is generated by mediaOutput.

      1. Is the src=URI stable over time (assuming state="false" for the mediaOutput)?
      2. How can I get the URI from within code Rather than generating a page, looking at the generated HTML and then copy/pasting the src URI?
      3.Is there some other way to achieve the same effect? I.e. obtaining a direct URL/URI to the generated image rather than a page with the image.?

      - henrik