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    integrating IIS with JBoss

    smitra Newbie

      I have a IIS web server that is going to forward the request over to a JBoss Application Server. I am looking for the IIS plug-in filter for Jboss.
      Could anyone please let me know, where to get the plugin file and what is the name of the file. Also a step by step guide to implement it would be extremely helpful. I would really appreciate a response, as this is extremely urgent.

      Thank you all very much,.

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          KT KT Newbie

          hi smitra,
          did you find any solution for this?? can you please share with us?


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            Ron Jawanda Novice

            If you can work with me a little bit I can help you through it.
            A person that was working on the Jetty implementation a while back wrote a ISAPI redirector that worked fine but had a few problems. If you know what they are, and don't mind them, it will work a-ok.

            I don't have detailed instructions but I can help you through it if you are patient and don't mind me forgetting a few things. I did this a year ago.
            I also have a script that sets up a windows service that runs jboss 3.2.4. I think it will work with almost anything but maybe not. Currently I will be using jboss 4.0.0 to setup the service to run automatically on win 2003.

            I will supply the persons name to you that did all the work (I don't want to take credit for something I didn't do) but I am not at work and can't remember his name.
            All I did was help get it working on an intranet that has a proxy server.
            It was forwarding all the requests from IIS to proxy and back to the same machine (not necessary unless you have IIS and jboss on different machines).
            Contact me at rjawanda@husky.ca
            When we get through it I will post the docs here so that others can use it.
            If you want.
            Let me know. I can't promise 10 minute response because I have job that is pretty demanding. Usually 4 hours and I will reply.

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              Anil Saldanha Master

              Just look for material to connect IIS and Tomcat. JBoss has Tomcat embedded inside.

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                KT KT Newbie

                hi all,
                i followed the guide posted at http://jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=3816794#3816794

                and it works fine... the guided posted can even redirect SSL connection.

                I'm wondering whether that is the best practise for JBoss to integrate with IIS? any comment?