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    Session attributes are lost after jsp forward

    Jayasudan.M Newbie


      I have the following design:
      JSP form submit -> Another Handler JSP -> method call to plain Java class that sets some session attributes -> method call returns to Handler JSP -> Forward to a template JSP -> Forward to the final JSP page

      Problem Description:
      The session attributes set in the Java class are existing in the session till template JSP. After is has forwarded to the final JSP page, in that final JSP page the session attributes are not accessible. i.e the session attributes are not there in the session. This happens randomly. I see no pattern of occurrance. Not all the sessions attributes are lost. Only few or 1 attribute is lost. This occurs in clustered and also in non-clustered Jboss setups.

      Note: Same design was working without any issues in Weblogic setup. But in Jboss setup, this issue is seen often. Only change in Jboss is, the method used to set the session attribute was made 'static'.

      Setup details:
      Jboss 3.2.3, Tomcat 4.1

      1. Is there anything going wrong in session handling?
      2. Are there any issues in jsp forward by the server?
      3. Is there any issue with Jboss, Tomcat?
      4. Is there any Jboss or Tomcat configuration problem?

      Thanx in advance.