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    Possible to turn-off Coyote connector at runtime?

    squeak Newbie

      I am using mod_jk to front a couple of JBoss/Tomcat instances clustered. I would like to find a convenient way to have mod_jk think that this once instance is down, and not send things it's way, without having to either 1) change the workers.properties file and have to restart Apache to take affect, or 2) or shut down the JBoss instance.

      What I want to do is remove JBoss instance from the Cluster, but still have it run to do testing on the production environment before rejoining the cluster.

      I know now how to do it for the JBoss side, but with the Coyote connector still active, mod_jk will continue to send requests to it.

      So, is there a way to turn off the Coyote connector at runtime so mod_jk will not forward requests to it?

      I am looking for any suggestions to solve my real problem: remove the instance from accepting connections without taking the machine down. I am on a Linux box, so maybe I could set the box to reject port 8009 connections?