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    Virtual Hosting and Default/Root Context

    benstarr Newbie

      I am trying to congifure JBoss 3.2.3/Tomcat 4.x to host a number of Servlet/JSP websites. I have put each web website in the deploy directory of JBoss as an unpacked WAR. I would like each website to be the default/root context of a different virtual host. I have added a jboss-web.xml to each web applications WEB-INF each with a different virtual host and with a context root of "/". However, when I try to start up JBoss I get the following exception:

      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Error during deploy; - nested throwable: (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: addChild: Child name '' is not unique)

      My understanding is that this is not so much a problem with JBoss/Tomcat's ability to virtual host but with the way JMX is assigning names to each web application. I believe it is using the context of the web application as a unique name but because I have multiple root contexts they do not each have a unique name.

      Is there any way to get around this problem? It is rather frustrating as what I am trying to do is perfectly valid because each web application will be under a different virtual host and will therefore be unique. I have searched the forums extensively but have not been able to find an answer.


      Ben Starr