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    JSF and JBOSS

    ianwhamilton Newbie

      I have some basic questions about getting JSF and JBOSS to work together.

      I believe I have JSF basically working in the webmodule my Enterprise App.

      I have a webmodule and an ejbmoduel (session bean and entity bean) all in the same .ear. However I am unable to contact the session bean to retrieve data from the entity bean (to return to JSF).

      I am generally unsure of where to put and how to set up the call to the session bean and how to generate the deployment descriptors and which descriptors are necessary?

      At the moment I have a request scope managed bean which makes a call to a stateful session bean wich makes a local call to the entity bean.

      Should I use a session scope managed bean in JSF?
      Should I use a remote interface or local interface to contact the EJB session bean?
      Does it matter where in the JSF code hierarchy I put the EJB session bean call?

      I get repeated jndi type errors (not bound) or a class cast exception depending on how I fiddle with the initial context/lookup.

      I think my problem is with jndi. I am not sure how to correctly set this up or what I should expect to see in the jndi-vew of JMX to track down the errors.

      Could someone help me with an explanation and code snippets/deloyment descriptors?

      I am using XDoclet to generate the deployment.

      Thanks very much in advance,