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    Jboss dosent sees jars in war archive

    raj_kumar Newbie

      hello ...
      i had problem in the deploying the war archive file ... i had some jars which is used in my servlets .. and i had put that jars in my WEB-INF\lib
      but the while running the war in Jboss my JBOSS dosent sees that jar ... i dont know where i'm missing i had checked everything but it is not working ....so pls tell me where i'm wrong ... or what should i do to include my jars in the war archive ...?

      note:- when i put class files of that jar in the war file it work correctly but when i make jars of that supporting library then it dont works ...tell me how to do it ....is there is something that i want to put in manifest ...? what should i put ...pls help me out ..