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    3.2.4/tc5 vs 3.2.3/tc4

    martin0 Novice

      Initial impressions are that there are significant changes between these two sytems.

      My app uses struts and sitemesh, and form based container authorisation

      In 3.2.3/tc4 sitemesh gets a chance to decorate the login form.
      In 3.2.4/tc5 only the plain login form is presented.

      As sitemesh does it's stuff as a servlet filter, and I assume container based auth comes before filters (confirm anyone?) I guess 3.2.4/tc5 is technically more correct than 3.2.3/tc4, but from a user perspective, i've now got a problem.

      2) I have another servlet filter in my app which does some stuff when the user logs in.

      In 3.2.3/tc4 the req.getUserPrincipal().getName is whatever the user logged in as.
      In 3.2.4/tc5 it is caller_ which according to my reckoning is a user *role*, not a user *name*.

      Is this a bug??