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    Jboss and Tomcat 5

    Michael Forster Newbie

      I am replacing another EJB container system with JBoss, and as the complete site being a secure banking type site, is running on Tomcat 5 as Tomcat 4.x.19 was playing up when serving SSL pages, the solution was to upgrade to Tomcat 5.

      Now we are replacing openejb (1.1) with Jboss (2.x) (the numbers in brackets are the EJB version supported)

      I need to now configure Tomcat 5.0 to work with JBoss, but am confused as to what I need to do,
      1. I have copied the JBoss Client jars to the Tomcat common/lib directory
      but I now am confused as to the changes needed in the factory setups.



      What do I need here?


      I have already changed the container port and such and I am connecting to the JBoss but not able to look up the beans.....

      Can anyone help?