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    Limiting Web Application Memory Consumption

    cool_raj Newbie

      We are using Tomcat in a production environment where we are phasing out perl apps and implementing J2EE application.

      What we have been seeing is that developers have been deploying applications with memory leaks that bring down the entire container.

      Because of this I hear from the perl old timers(who don't see
      the benefits of J2EE) that this type of thing doesn't happen in perl.
      For the most part they're right, most of the apps that we are converting are Perl CGI scripts.

      Seems like there would be a way to make changes to the JVM and tomcat so that memory could be tracked per web application and not allow it to use more than a specified amount of memory.

      I don't think tha Sun would change the VM anytime soon to implement something like this, so I'm wondering if Aspects could be used fo this type of thing?