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    WAR not deploying properly, despite logging showing so

    ahardy66 Novice

      I was caught out twice today by a deployment problem with my WAR file in tomcat.

      It seems JBoss is caching the classes from the old WAR somewhere and only replacing the updated classes from the new WAR, not the whole thing.

      I changed some constants in my global constants class for my app, compiled and packaged it as a war and deployed it. JBoss killed my session, made me do a new login and also logged a bunch of tomcat messages about contexts loading.

      However my changes had no effect. I searched for ages for the reason, and finally altered a class which uses the Constants class, putting in a debug statement. I recompiled & deployed and suddenly my changes to the Constants class worked.

      This happened again just now.

      How can I avoid this sort of caching of the old war? Apart from recompiling my whole app?