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    Default page not found when precompiled

    treespace Novice

      I am using JBoss 3.2.3 with the tomcat configuration. I have a default page called sentry.jsp that shows up without an explicit reference. That is expected since it is listed in the welcome-file-list of web.xml.

      After precompiling as servlets, sentry.jsp gets mapped to /sentry.jsp and no longer shows up as the default page. It does show up if you specify an explicit reference to the page: http://acme.com/sentry.jsp.

      I tried adding a foward slash in front of sentry.jsp in the welcome-file but that did not work at all. Obviously not a show stopper since I can always type in the name of the page but why would it stop working as the default after precompiling it as a servlet?

      All ideas welcome,