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    How to...  Java Applets

    Marcus Cordes Newbie

      I wrote different EJBs and succesfully deployed them in JBOSS.
      I also got them working with Mysql.

      Now I need a small java-application for the intranet (fast connection).

      I already had the application running as a standalone-client, and it won`t be a problem to rebuild an awt or swing applet of it.

      Can anyone give me a workaround about how to deploy a simple Hello-World Applet with the corresponding html-file and let it run with jboss-tomcat. The communication with the ejbs i will try on my own.

      I didn`t find any information about it in the "Getting started", and I was also surprised that the word applet didn`t exist in the forum?????
      Is there anything wrong about using applets?

      Thanks Marcus

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          Marcus Cordes Newbie

          I´m going mad with the "search" at jboss. For two days I found nothing when searching for "applet", and now i got 339 results....

          Don`t know what was wrong.

          Anyhow, it would be great if someone can give me a simple example or even the link to an example or more informations, how to deploy a servlet, using an applet.

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            Juha Lindfors Master

            Don't go mad, just have a little patience. The search index needs to be recreated.

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              Marcus Cordes Newbie

              OK, thank you for that info,

              but my main question is not answered....

              Maybe it was not clear.....

              I have JBOSS 3.2.3 with MySQL.
              I wrote different EntityBeans and Session Beans
              and now I want to make my solution ready for the net.

              I wrote and deployed a servlet which communicates with the session beans.

              and I want to write an Applet, which contains the GUI and could be used in every Browser. This Applet shall communicate with the Servlets....

              but I can`t find any tutorial or hints for the jboss xml-scripts (application-client.xml, or whatever)....

              Please tell me if I´m on the wrong way or show me a little code sniplet of how to deploy a applet.jar