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    thanks tbauer for help! but I have more problems! thanks!

    jww_xj Newbie

      my two ear my work at the same time by tbaer help!thanks!
      but my ejb.jar can't work,
      I will use two or more .war to access one ejb.jar.

      thanks for help!

      I have App_ONE.war and APP_TWO.war
      how to config jboss_web.xml of App_ONE.war and APP_TWO.war
      to ensure them don't influence each other;
      thanks .
      I can't comprehend the doc ClassLoadingConfiguration
      for example:
      // dot.com is what, should I write angthing at here?
      //and unique-archive-name? is App_ONE.war?

      and after I set java2ParentDelegation=false.
      the jar in war can't bean processs , jboss threw an exception?

      thanks tbauer!
      I just went thru this an got it to work..
      READ, the wiki link that Scott provided, then READ it again....
      If you look in the thread above you will see an example of what
      the dot. com...In reading the doc you will see it MEANS nothing,
      but MUST be unique...It should be yourdomain.com:loader=YourAppName.ear