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    document root, Host-tag

    brasse Newbie


      I am trying to move a site that has been run using tomcat4 and make it run using jboss-3.2.3. The site has a (very) basic layout as follows:


      In my old server.xml I had set the appBase attribute in the Host tag to webapps. And when I pointed my server to localhost/foo.jsp it would work fine.

      When using jboss I have put the ROOT directory in jboss/server/default/deploy. Now when I try to do the same thing with jboss I get an error. The jboss tell me:

      15:03:15,851 INFO [Engine] StandardHost[localhost]: MAPPING configuration error for request URI /foo.jsp

      Why is this. Obviously there is something that I have missed! Is there someting I have to set in my configuration files in order to make this happen?

      Thanks in advance!