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    problem finding classes in /classes dir of WAR

    Mark Britten Newbie


      I have a class that I want to access in jsp page. It does not belong to any package so I have placed it in at the root of the classes directory.

      When I try to import it I get the following error:

      [javac] D:\jboss-3.2.3\server\default\work\MainEngine\localhost\producer\xsys\home\index_jsp.java:12: '.' expected
      [javac] import sys_HTTP_Defines;

      It looks as if you cannot import a class that belongs to no package.

      I took out the import statement as the class should be on the classpath, so I have also tried to use it without importing it and I get a cannot resolve symbol error, basically telling me that it cannot be found.

      What is the correct way to access classes on the root of the /classes dir in a WAR?

      Any thoughts anyone?