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    Tomcat5/Jasper2 JSP compiles w/KJC

    Jason Dillon Newbie

      Has anoyone had any luck using kjc (http://www.dms.at/kopi/) to compile JSP sources? I tried changing the compiler to "kjc", but for some reason the compiled classes did not end up in the right place under the servers work dir, instead they unded up beging generated out of the current working directory.

      I tried a simple Ant compile, using kjc and it did honor the destdir/location attribute... which leads me to believe that something with Tomcat5/Jasper2 (or the JBoss integration) is slightly tweeked in such a way to cause the kjc compiler to not function correctly.

      BTW, for those of you who don't know, kjc is a GPL javac replacement... which means that you can run JBoss inside of a JRE (with-out tools.jar) and still get JSP compliation... assuming that the output directory for compiled classes was correct.

      I did try setting the scratchdir to "." and it worked fine... but that is not really a solution I can use.

      Has anyone run into this before? Or does anyone know what might be causing this problem?

      I did some initial tests, looks like kjc is a little faster than sun's javac too, though I think that kjc does not compile everything that javac does.

      JBoss folks might want to have a look, perhaps you might want to bundle this compiler, so you don't need to required a JDK (and the tools.jar hacks in run.sh|bat)... assuming that yall can figure out why it is not putting class files in the correct location.