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    (Jboss 3.2.4)JasperException:"jsp:param"........  Please hel

    Antonio Newbie


      I am trying to deploy an application to JBOSS 3.2.4 and I get an Error Message I do not understand:

      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /init_obj_ha.jsp(43,0) Expecting "jsp:param" standard action with "name" and "value" attributes

      The include tag I use looks like that:

      <jsp:include page="create_user.jsp">
      <jsp:param name="user_id" value="" />

      It was working under JBOSS 3.2.4

      Could somebody explain wat is going on.

      Any help is welcome

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          Antonio Newbie

          Dummy <jsp:param name="..." value="..." />
          was enough to get it working.

          Thanx anyway

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            Nilesh K Newbie

            I am having the same problem. I am using JSP 1.2 which works ok with Tomcat 4.x, but when I try to deploy to a recent version of JBoss or Tomcat 5 I get that error.

            I do an include of a header file (with no parameters) like this:
            <jsp:include page="header.jsp" flush="true"/>

            Then in the header.jsp file have a simple JSTL statement which does this:
            <c:when test="${not empty SessionData}">
            Logged in.
            Not logged in.

            I get the error and the page does not display. If I remove the JSTL from header.jsp it works ok.

            Where did you put the dummy jsp:param? I tried putting inside <jsp:include> tags, but that didn't help.