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    using xDoclet to generate web.xml for Servlet Filter

    crazypalm Newbie

      I am trying to use xdoclet @web.filter to generate web.xml, but it doesn't work, here is the tag:

       * @author
       * @web.filter
       * name="XSLTFilter"
       * display-name="XSLT Filter for post-processing HTTP Servlet XML response"
       * @web:filter-init-param name="param1" value="value1"
       * @web:filter-init-param name="param2" value="value2"
       * @web.filter-mapping
       * servlet-name="VaspHTTPDriverServlet"

      and the relating ant scripts are:
       <fileset dir="${web.dir}" includes="**/*Action.java" />
       <fileset dir="${web.dir}" includes="**/*Form.java" />
       <fileset dir="${web.dir}" includes="**/*Tag.java" />
       <fileset dir="${web.dir}" includes="**/*Servlet.java" />
       <fileset dir="${web.dir}" includes="**/*Filter.java" />
       <fileset dir="${java.dir}" includes="**/*Servlet.java"/>

      anybody get idea on what's wrong here? I am using xdoclet1.2b4 lib

      Thanks a lot.