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    Tomcat non-sticky load balancing

    tsenthilnn Newbie


      We have an use case where each web request will be served by any one server from a cluster of tomcat servers (non-sticky load balancing). Session replication is not done as we maintain nothing in the session.

      The following are the steps involved in form-based-login in Tomcat 5.16

      Client Server

      Request for an un autheticated resource a.jsp
      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Req 1

      Redirect to login -page

      Request for j_security_check
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Req 2

      Authentication passed

      Redirect to a.jsp (Getting reauthenticated & register the session if Single Sign on enabled )
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Req 3

      I think there is some state maintained by tomcat across these three requests. Therefore these three request needs to be processed by the same server for authentication to be successful.

      Please let us know the following things

      1. Why is state maintained across the 3 requests. Can it be avoided.
      2. How can we achieve non sticky load balancing with tomcat without doing session replication.