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    Filter not returning from chain.doFilter

    benstarr Newbie

      I have a filter that is designed to count the number of current requests being handle by Tomcat. The doFilter method looks something like:

      public void doFilter(...) throws ... {
       // increment count here
       try {
       chain.doFilter(request, response);
       finally {
       // decrement count here

      The calls to increment and decrement are synchronized. However, when the server is idle the count does not return to zero. This leads me to believe that either:

      a) The chain.doFilter method is never returning for some reason
      b) The thread is being terminated in the chain.doFilter method

      I can't think of a reason why a) would ever be the case. Does anyone know whether the container (Tomcat 4.1.x) will do b) in any scenario? I can't seem to correlate it to the user hitting the stop button in the browser or being redirected within the chain.doFilter method and I can't see why this would stop the method returning anyway. Any help would be appreciated.