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    Default context question, for an upgrade.

    Ken Roberts Newbie


      We use a slightly modified JBoss 3.0.6 server as our application server. We have changed it only in that we have added a wrapping directory with lib, deploy and configuration directories so that our files don't get confused with existing JBoss-distributed files.

      We use a servlet as a default context that generates our introductory page. You go to http://localhost:8080 and the index.html in the war redirects you to the servlet.

      I'm currently trying to place this war in JBoss 3.2.5 and it isn't taking over the default context. I suspect this has something to do with the page that already exists, and I would like to know the following things:

      How do I replace the default context?
      What functionality do I lose with the new server if I do that?