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    beginner: SSO and invalidate session

    sebastien Newbie


      I have SingleSignOn setup on the web engine and I am trying to build a jsp that will force the user to re-authenticate when visited (LogOff menu).

      I did the following (with scriplet for now) in the welcome page:
      // creates a new session if does not exist
      HttpSession hsession = request.getSession(false);
      if (hsession.isNew())
      System.out.println("**** creating a _NEW_ session ****");
      System.out.println("**** using _CURRENT_ session ****");

      and in the logoff.jsp:

      the session is invalidated (I get a new token id for instance), yet authentification is not forced again: user can still access any page without authentificating (same behavior on MSIE and netscape).

      I am using BASIC authentification for the login-config. is there any specific servlet configuration required for this to work ?