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    Applet Problems

    Klaus Kaal Newbie

      I am using JBoss and it works nicely. But now, I have a problem which might have to do with adjustments in embeded Tomcat.

      I am using an applet which works fine in the intranet. When I access the same server from the internet, the applet does not show up (gray square). No info in log files.

      I tried different options: codebase="entryform" or codebase="/entryform", but only this works in my intranet: codebase="./entryform"

      Thanks for your hints.


      --------------- 8< code -----------------------------------

      Applet HTML Page

      <H3>Applet HTML Page</H3>

      <APPLET codebase="./entryform" code="ProcessOrder.class" width=840 height=410>

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