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    problems with jboss 3.2.5 and jbuilder

    soulgod Newbie


      i'm trying to write a simple jsp in jbuilder and as server jboss 3.2.5 ; when i try to complie this page , i always get the error NoClassDefFound error javax/servlet/el/VariableResolver, and now the strange thing, when i change the server to Tomcat 4.1 everything compiles and it runs perfectly, is this a bug in jboss or in jbuilderx (have already the patch 3 for jbuilderx)


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          kim.jaewon Newbie

          I was trying this problem like you.(JSP Compiling using Jbuilder8 and Jboss3.2.5)
          Following step is a my solution.

          1.I changed JBuilder Library Setting. (Original:User>Servlet>Tomcat4.1 -> Change:User>Servlet>Jboss3.x)
          2.I added libraies in Jboss 3.0 Server.(Libray Resource : Library of $JBoss_Home/Server/default/deply/jbossweb-tomcat50.sar)
          3.I compiled jsp source with Jboss Servlet.

          Of course. This method is not optimized method. but this is a working solution. ^^
          I am sorry that I can speak english a little.