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    problem with SSL

    martinet Newbie

      I've got problems with configuring SSL under JBoss 3.2.0/Jetty.

      I configured everything needed in xml configuration files
      (conf/jboss-service, jbossweb-jetty.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml)

      There is everything ok with certificates. On instance JBoss 3.2.0/Jetty working on WindowsXP (test instance) everything goes ok, but under OpenBSD, server hangs. The last output is:

      2004-09-02 12:06:36,342 INFO [org.jboss.jbossweb] Starting Jetty/4.2.9
      2004-09-02 12:06:36,349 INFO [org.jboss.jbossweb] Started SocketListener on
      2004-09-02 12:06:36,350 INFO [org.jboss.jbossweb] jetty.ssl.keystore=/usr/local/jboss3.2/server/default/conf/smw.keystore
      2004-09-02 12:06:36,352 INFO [org.jboss.jbossweb] jetty.ssl.password=**************
      2004-09-02 12:06:36,353 INFO [org.jboss.jbossweb] jetty.ssl.keypassword=**************
      2004-09-02 12:06:36,353 INFO [org.jboss.jbossweb] jetty.ssl.keystore.type=jks
      2004-09-02 12:06:36,355 INFO [org.jboss.jbossweb] jetty.ssl.keystore.provider.name=[DEFAULT]

      please help