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    JBOSS+Tomcat truncating Javascript Variable Data in JSP (Ple

    michael Newbie

      Hello there,

      I have an Application Which I have successfully tested on Webshphere & Weblogic, but I intend to run on JBOSS.

      I have deployed it sucessfully on Jboss3.2.5+Tomcat. I have a Javascipt functions inside the JSP's which opens a another JSP window when a user clicks on a button. As it opens the window it send to the JSP page some data thus appending it to a url. The JSP uses this data to query a database. When i test on JBoss I noticed the I get an error with the JSP page when i click on the button because it does not send it the expected data. (JBoss truncats it for some reason)

      So my javascript variable looks like this:
      var urlData = lookup.jsp?_data1&data2&data3&data4 and so on (note its longer than what i have specified here).

      When i do an alert( ) on this urlData i noticed Tomcat or Jboss truncates the data before even appending it to the url.

      The thing is I have tested this on weblogic and Websphere and it works perfectly , no truncating.

      I have tried using apache & IIS to redirect to JBossTomcat But i still get the same problem.

      Any ideas would be so much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!!!