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    where i can save data in jboss?

    dvir_yar Newbie

      im using the jboss in order to develop and run a jsp project. i read in the user guide that i need to put the .war file in the default/deploy library
      and its o.k. . my problem is that i used mysql database where i saved text data, however my program can also received images from clients and show them on the system. i tried to put the images in one off my computers library but when i insert to the program from other computer i couldnt see the images. i guess that i need to put the images some where in the jboss library ( may be in the data library?) but i dont shore where and if i should put it in the jboss how can i show the image in the jsp page ( i mean what is the path that i need to write, let say in the <img src..> tag so i can see the image )

      this problem is quite serious for me so i will appreciate if someone can help me