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    Configure JBoss/Jetty to use nsapi_redirect.so use SunOne 6.

    Austin Kotlus Newbie

      Hello All
      I am trying to get Sun One 6.1 (used to be netscape iPlanet) to front JBoss 3.0.7 + Jetty on Solaris 8 (sparc). So that all request go through Sun One (I know this is a little strange). I have mod_jk (nsapi_redirect.so) compiled and configured correctly. When I point SunOne at a newer version of JBoss or Tomcat the redirector works as expected but when I point it at the version of JBoss/Jetty that I need it to work with, it only works part of the time. Some requests succeed and some fail with IllegalArgumentExceptions (If I access the web application via the JBoss HTTP Listener it all works as expected). Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone solved this issue without upgrading to a newer version of JBoss?
      Thank you,