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    old version of jsp used. please help!

    madeonmoon Newbie

      hello all,

      i wasted all day yesterday trying to figure this out to no avail. i am hoping someone can help.

      so i create a new jsp which gets packaged as part of my war which in turn gets packaged as part of my ear. the application starts up fine and the jsp executes fine. now i modify the jsp, rebuild and redeploy to jboss. jsp that gets executed is the original one (old). i can see two versions of them in server//tmp/deploy. i tried to totally clean the tmp folder and work folders. as soon as i restart jboss, two tmpxxxx-myapp.ear-contents get generated and the once that jboss attempts to use is the old one. besides this location generated on the fly at jboss startup, i can't even find the old version of the file anywhere on my disk drive.

      what am i doing wrong? any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

      james (close to going insane)