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    Apache mod_proxy causes

    mikeydavison Newbie

      I have JBoss configured to run web apps on port 8080. I have an app. that is secured with form based authentication. This setup works properly when I access the app with a url like http://<machine name>:8080/<app name>.

      I've installed Apache (v. 2.0.48) and set up mod_proxy so that I can use al url like http://<machine name>/<app name>. Static and dynamic content appear to be served correctly, but when I try to access a secured resource and log in, I get the tomcat "Invalid direct reference to login page". I have configured mod_proxy in the following manner:

      ProxyRequests Off
      ProxyPass /<app name> http://:8080/<app name>
      ProxyPassReverse /<app name> http://:8080/<app name>

      Does anyone have any idea what is causing this to happen? Thanks a lot for your help.