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    Mapping virtual hosts to webapplications/context

    Toni Beckman Novice


      I have set up apache 1.3.31 with jboss-4.0.0 and tomcat 5.0.x successfully.

      What I would like to do now is to map each virtual hosts to a webapplication.

      The important point here is that I would like this do be done in a manner, so that typing in the domain solely will invoke the webapplication.

      To illustrate a virtual example. Assume I have set up the following virtual host entries:


      Let's assume further that I have mapped them in the same order to the following webapplications, which ship with jboss 4.


      In fact I have managed to do something very similar at home. I can also invoke the webapplication BUT I have to append the context path.

      So I can start the webapplication in the jmx-console.war by entering the following url into my browser: webcontext1.domainname.com/jmx-console

      This works at home. The webapplication is invoked. This works because I have added a vitural host entry and added the "JkMount /jmx-console ajp13worker" line to the virtual host.

      However, I would like that only calling the url "webcontext1.domainname.com" will invoke the webapplication. I do not want to append the context-path. Of course that makes a lot of sense.

      Unfortunaltey I don't know how to do this and so I would appreciate any help on the subject.

      Maybe somebody from the JBoss Group can help here? I think this is a setup which many users are interested in.