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    Class Within War Not Updating in Deploy

    lonb Newbie

      Ok here's a weird one. I've been working on a web project where I compile and archive into a WAR file via JBuilder's tools for such things.

      I have a class called DataValidator which contains a slew of static methods, including one method called isEmpty which is overridden a bunch of times -- don't we all have methods named as such? ;-) Anyway, back on point, I recently added an override that takes a java.util.Map as the param. The code compiles and when testing via Tomcat from within JBuilderX it works just fine.

      When I deploy the WAR file to JBoss running the same code I get this error:
      java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: DataValidator.isEmpty(Ljava/util/Map;)Z

      Not that it matters, but I trimmed my package names off of that error to keep this clean.

      Anyway, I have done this exact compilation and deployment process a thousand times on this project, and nothing has changed (that I'm aware of). However, now, for some reason, that one class is not updating!

      Some notes:
      1. The other classes are updating, including servlets etc.
      2. Upon a friend's awesome suggestion I added a static initializer to the DataValidator class which prints the revision # to the System.out. Within JBuilder it prints no prob, within JBoss nothing!
      3. That same friend had another great idea, to add a catch-all override of the method as isEmpty(java.lang.Object) which simply prints the received class type. I did so, but it is not called.
      4. If I move the override of the static method isEmpty(java.util.Map) to the other class which is calling the method and invoke it locally, it works from within JBoss!!
      5. I have reinstalled JBoss and ensured that both JBuilder and JBoss are pointed at the same JDK installation (1.4.2).
      6. I am using JBuilder's "Borland Make" for compilation.

      What the heck is going on here?

      Thanks all!

      - Lon

      p.s. normally i wouldn't cross-post but I wasn't sure which forum to post this in.