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    my project doesnt work on unix

    dvir_yar Newbie

      i built a project with jsp and java beans and with the programs jboss and mysql. the project was built on windows operating system. the project works great. now i need to transfer the project to unix server. i installed jboss,mysql,connector/j for unix and i made the appropriate settings betwwen the programs. i took the project file (***.war) from the jboss on the windows system and put it on the same place in the jboss on the unix server. now when i open the site ( my project is a site that connected to database ) i can see regular pages from the project but pages that use java beans that i created doesnt work and the jboss show an exception that he doesnt recognize the beans. as i said, on the windows system it works great.

      i hope that someone have a solution for me because i need to finish the project as soon as possible

      thanks for advanes