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    Posting Again: Can Servlet automatically listen to user-spec

    Pooja Chauhan Newbie

      Sorry for cluttering the forum. I've already asked this question but without an answer. Hence posting again with more clarity.

      Is it possible to configure my servlet in such a way that it listens to a particular port, Say 7001?

      I want my clients to access this servlet NOT thru HTTP request to jboss port 8080 but by posting bytes directly on 7001. The client only knows IP address & port number of the host and has no knowledge of servlet existence. It only knows to send bytes in a particular order on an IP and its particular port. I need JBoss to route all requests on this port to my servlet - and handle multiple requests in the process.

      Will I need to write a separate redirector which listens on the port, wraps these bytes in HTTP and sends them to the servlet ? [And hence get into the mess of managing threads for mutliple clients and sockets]

      Or is it possible to route everything on 7001 to my servlet automatically?

      Thanx for ne insight

      --- Pooja.