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    Urgent! cocoon.createSession() not working in

    beyarecords Novice

      I am running cocoon in JBoss 4.0 like so:


      i have a website which uses simple MVC using flowscript. I originally developed the system under tomcat alone using cocoon 2.1.4 which worked fine.

      I built and placed mysite inside it then renamed the folder to cocoon.war and placed cocoon.war as mentioned above. Now flowscript does not work. I have a few global variables which I make persistent by initiating cocoon.createSession(), but when I move from page to page and try and grab the values from those global variables they all have a null value. What is going on here? Is anybody else experiencing this under using JBoss 4.0? Any input on this issue is urgently required.

      many thanks


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          beyarecords Novice

          I also need to add the platform I am on:

          1. OSX 10.3.5
          2. Java 1.4.2 (Update 2)



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            beyarecords Novice

            it seems the cause of my problem is the RewriteRule lines I have specified in my Apache http.conf file. In my workers2.properties file I have the following line:

            [uri:/cocoon/mysite/*] (note: cocoon/mysite is situated inside JBoss 4.0.0 as /server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat50.sar/cocoon.war/mysite)

            which enables me to access my website via :80 by saying:


            Doing this works fine and you can browse from one page to another and all sessions are maintained. The problem starts when I try and do:


            which I have catered for in my http.conf file by defining a number of RewriteRule lines:

            RewriteEngine on

            RewriteRule (.*)\.xml$ cocoon/mysite/$1.xml [P]
            RewriteRule (.*)\.xsl$ cocoon/mysite/$1.xsl [P]
            RewriteRule (.*)\.kont$ cocoon/mysite/$1.kont [P]
            RewriteRule (.*)\.jxt$ cocoon/mysite/$1.jxt [P]
            RewriteRule (.*)\.xsp$ cocoon/mysite/$1.xsp [P]
            RewriteRule (.*)\.css$ cocoon/mysite/$1.css [P]
            RewriteRule (.*)\.js$ cocoon/mysite/$1.js [P]
            RewriteRule (.*)\.mp3$ cocoon/mysite/$1.mp3 [P]
            RewriteRule (.*)\.m3u$ cocoon/mysite/$1.m3u [P]
            RewriteRule (.*)\.jpg$ cocoon/mysite/$1.jpg [P]

            When I type in http://www.mysite.com/login.xml the page loads fine, and in the process creates a session to maintain flow global variables. When you then try and select any other page which requires you to have been logged in first, it seems the page has lost scope/context/domain! and acts a if you have come to the site for the first time and so redirects you straight back to the login.xml page. But as I have said before typing http://www.mysite.com/cocoon/mysite/login.xml works fine and I can navigate from page to page no problem.

            It also seems that the site is unable to grab any data from Apache which has not been defined in the RewriteRules.

            Does anybody have a solution for this?

            many thanks in advance