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    Case Sensitivity of Custom Tags - JBoss vs Weblogic

    Howard Hendler Newbie

      Hi All,
      We are attempting to use JBoss with a Struts app originally developed under Weblogic. I'm at the point of compiling JSPs in Ant using org.apache.jasper.JspC.

      There are many custom tag attributes used in the .JSPs that differ from the .TLD files in case only. Never showed itself is a problem under Weblogic, but it is now. Compilation stops with "Attribute <attribute differing in case only> invalid for tag text according to TLD" and the like.

      The JSP spec. says tags must be case sensitive but it is silent on the issue of the attributes. On the surface it appears that Weblogic is more lenient than JBoss with respect to custom tag attribute case sensitivity.

      So I guess my question would be, is there any way I can get JBoss to ignore case for tag attributes when compiling JSPs?

      Thanks in advance for any input.