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    quickly redeploy jsp files

    mickgreen Newbie

      I was looking for an easy way to increase my jsp development speed. The main problem being the redeployement of the entire EAR just to view the changes made to a single jsp file.

      I think I found an acceptable way to speed up development by copying my jsp files from my development dir to the expanded jboss tmp dir. On reloading the jsp in the browser JBoss recompiles the JSP and the changes are visible. Hereby reducing the deployement of a JSP file from about 30 seconds to 5.

       <target name="deploy-jsp-jboss" depends="-init" description="Quickly deploy the current jsp files">
       <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antcontrib.properties">
       <pathelement location="lib/ant-contrib.jar"/>
       <foreach target="-copyjsp" param="dir">
       <dirset dir="${jboss.home}/server/default/tmp/deploy" includes="*earname*"><depth max="0"/></dirset>
       <target name="-copyjsp">
       <copy todir="${dir}/webapp.war/WEB-INF/jspf">
       <fileset dir="web/webapp/jspf"/>