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    Issues with Multiple class loaders in jboss4.0

    srirama chandra Newbie


      While working with jboss4.0,
      I am getting a multiple class loaders issue due to which jboss is failing to place few required class files into temp folder at the time of deployment.
      I am getting this while jboss is trying to deploy a war file.

      At the time of deployment, when jboss is in process of placing all the required class files into its temp folder, its failing to do so for only those classes which had a class loader issue, all other classes are in place.

      Following are few log messages coming from ClassLoaderUtils class of jboss.


      [16266,ClassLoaderUtils,main] Multiple class loaders found for pkg: common.eventsystem

      [16266,ClassLoaderUtils,main] Multiple class loaders found for pkg: common.eventsystem.generated

      [16266,ClassLoaderUtils,main] Multiple class loaders found for pkg: common.eventsystem.generated.impl

      jboss was unable to extract the classes in the above packages to its temp
      folder, as a result deployment is failing.