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    Clustered Sessions

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      The problem is that in Tomcat 3.x you have to put your parsers in the classpath before everything else becouse they are no relying on system properties to decide which parser to use. There is an explanation on how to to this is tomcat´s archives. In Tomcat 4.x the parser loaded by Tomcat for it´s own use does not conflict on the parser used by applications. The problem is solved in last version of JBOSS by using system properties to define which parser to use. I´ll look for the archives and post them later

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          if I am using windows 98, and have this error
          "java home is not set"? Just to let you know I saw an article in postnuke forums and I have decided to learn this as a solution to an intranet. I am sorry for the newbie questions but I am not used to this environment... thanks for any help you can give me...