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    Two struts based applications redirects one to the other

    Raul Rodriguez Newbie

      I have a serious problem!

      I have two struts-based applications filtered each one with SecurityFilter and when i try to connect to run one application with its URL, the filter redirects me to the other application URL, and i don´t understand the cause.....

      I think ttha maybe could a problem between struts and securityFilter or maybe a problem with the struts.jar location in jBoss.

      I have tried to put the struts libraries in the /WEB-INF/lib directory and also putting the libraries in the /default/deploy/lib directory of jBoss, getting the same result in both cases---> the first application redirects to the second although they are located in different diretories.

      Other thig that could produce this error is that the two applications are similar, with same servlets name.....

      Please, would you find what is the problem??