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    multiframe system has problems with session IDs becoming dif

    the dragon Newbie


      we have a two-frame system where communication between frames is via struts action classes storing/retrieving session variables. This works fine with some servers but not others. The servers it works with have ping times less than about 200ms. The servers that don't work have times get larger (300-400ms or greater) and the session id for requests from each frame are different from the beginning.

      For some reason, on a server that does not work, if I address the multi-frame page via the server ip address instead of its DNS name this problem goes away - even with ping times of around 340ms.

      So the problem is that on starting the multiframe applications the session id for one frame request to the same application can be different .

      Anyone come across this problem, got a solution? :)

      cheers and happy new year