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    Why Apache required even i can run application on tomcat in

    alok barnwal Newbie

      Hi All,
      To Run my j2ee application I am using Apache,Tomcat and Jboss.
      Apache accpets httpd request coming on port 80 and redicet same to tomcat then tomcat forward that request to jboss.
      Now i wanted to know

      1.What is role of Apache in that when ther is no static page we are using.

      2.We can run application directly by tomcat, then why we use Apache ?


        • 1. Re: javassist.ClassPool should extend the ClassLoader or URL
          Anil Saldanha Master

          But above the JDK in the API means letting the ClassLoader implement something like the java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation interface

          By having the standard classloaders used by the server in normal mode as default, and then suclassing them with an implementation of the interface, it could be a configuration option if an application should instantiate with the subclass

          The filtering and the potentially "slow" syncronous call to java.lang.instrument.ClassFileTransformer (ClassPool) would only be active if the subclass is used

          In this way the AOP would only be able to modify classes in their own context and the ClassLoader hierarky would be intact

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            jgra Newbie

            The only reson, it could be: fine grained security.
            In Apache server you can specify which url are forwarder to Tomcat, and which are not.
            If you make Tomcat publicly available all yours applications are accessible for everyone and you must configure all of them to use some security domains (JAAS,etc), by default they aren't configured.
            Can you imagine what would happend if somebody will have access to jmx-console?
            I takes a minute to shutdown JBoss remotly.